Lifestyle Change to Manage Low Back Pain: meet Paul, our patient of the month

When Paul first came to us, in May of this year, he was struggling with a chronic low back pain that he had for over 18 months.

He wasn’t exercising at all and was spending lots of hours seated in front of the computer at work.

His pain was worse especially when sitting, standing and bending for a long period of time.

Our  evaluation detected loss of mobility on his back, stiffness and generalized muscle weakness. This is a common situation when not treated can progress to a more aggressive condition like herniated disc, for example.

During the whole month of May and beginning of June, we worked hard with him. His treatment consisted in education regarding his daily activities, therapeutic exercises such as mobility, endurance, stability training, and decompression therapy – a technique that involves stretching the spine using a traction table with the goal to break the stiffness, increasing flux of healing nutrients and relieving pain.

After 8 sessions his pain level went down to 0! Paul decided to leave this condition as part of his past and since then he has joined our Functional Exercise and Training Program when he’s able to keep working on his therapy exercises and also all the rest of his body.

Great job Paul, we are proud of you and your great effort to achieve your goals.